Israel Political Brief June 26, 2012: Israel deports 150 more South Sudanese migrants



Israel deports 150 more South Sudanese

Source: JTA, 6-26-12

Israel deported 150 more migrants from South Sudan.

A planeload with the African migrants, which Israel calls illegal infiltrators, left Israel for South Sudan on Monday evening. Some 120 South Sudanese migrants had left Israel last week.

The migrants reportedly are leaving voluntarily in exchange for a cash grant and a flight home. Migrants who do not leave voluntarily will be imprisoned, according to reports.

Israel rounded up dozens of South Sudanese last week in immigration control sweeps….READ MORE


Full Text Israel Political Brief June 24, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting on Gaza Rocket Attacks & African Migrant Deportations



Source: PMO, 6-24-12

Following are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks at the start of the Cabinet meeting today:

Regarding events in the south, the IDF is taking strong action against those who are attacking us and it will take even stronger action if need be. Our policy is to use force in order to restore security and quiet to the residents of the south.

Tomorrow, another plane will leave for South Sudan. Two additional planes will leave next week. I note that in the wake of our decision a few weeks ago, any infiltrator who sits on the border and waits for a bus to take him to Tel Aviv will now be taken to years of detention.  This is already making itself felt.

At the same time, we are completing 190 kilometers of fence this week. The section around Eilat, which we thought would take more time, is being built quickly. Therefore, the combination of these things, including fines and punishments for those who employ illegal infiltrators, I think has begun to reverse the trend, and we will solve this problem.

Thank you.”

Full Text Israel Political Brief June 7, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Remarks on the Issue of the National Emergency Plan to Deport Illegal South Sudanese Migrant Infiltrators



PM Netanyahu’s Remarks on the Issue of the National Emergency Plan to Remove Infiltrators

Source: PMO, 6-7-12

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks today following a discussion that was held on the issue of illegal infiltrators. Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich and Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman, as well as IDF, Israel Police and Prison Service representatives, attended the discussion.

“I held an additional discussion – along with the Interior Minister, the Public Security Minister and the Justice Minister, as well as with professional elements – in the framework of the national emergency plan to remove infiltrators. This is a serious problem and we are dealing with it.

First, we will complete the fence as quickly as possible and deal with infiltrations until the fence is completed. Second, we will build detention facilities including thousands of units. Third, we will move infiltrators directly from the border to the facilities. We needed to make several changes and we made them. Fourth, we will punish those who illegally employ infiltrators. Next week will be the second and third Knesset readings of a law that will deal severely with such employers, and allow their businesses to be closed.

At the same time, the Interior Minister is preparing to issues orders that will allow for the detention of the infiltrators. This is still partial but it is a start. The Public Security Minister will detain infiltrator criminals in the Tel Aviv area and put them in prison, and this will be done in addition to the continued deployment of a Border Police unit in southern Tel Aviv.

I believe that these and other measures, which I will not detail here, will begin to reverse the trend and we will solve it.”

Israel Political Brief June 7, 2012: Jerusalem Court Clears Way for Deportation of South Sudanese Migrants — Annuls Collective Protection



Jerusalem court clears way for deportation of S. Sudanese migrants

Source: JTA, 6-7-12

A Jerusalem court ruled that Israel could deport South Sudanese migrants who entered the country illegally.

Thursday’s decision in Jerusalem District Court was in response to an appeal by nongovernmental organizations representing African migrants. The appeal was filed after Israel’ s Interior Minister Eli Yishai issued a decision to return the migrants.

Israel recognized South Sudan a day after it officially announced its independence from Sudan last July 9 and initiated formal ties three weeks later.

The decision paves the way for the deportation of about 1,500 South Sudanese who entered Israel illegally. Yishai said that he hoped the decision would be a precedent to allow the deportation of African nationals from other countries.

“This is not a war against infiltrators,” Yishai said, according to The Jerusalem Post. “This is a war for the preservation of the Zionist and Jewish dream in the land of Israel.”…READ MORE

South Sudanese have 7 Days to Leave or be Deported

About 700 to 1,000 South Sudanese will face arrest and deportation, after court annuls collective protection afforded them.

Israel feeds illegal African infiltrators

Israel feeds illegal African infiltrators
Flash 90

Between 700 and 1,000 citizens of South Sudan who are illegally staying in Israel have seven days to leave the country of their own free will or face arrest, the Population, Immigration and Border Authority (PIBA) announced Thursday.

The announcement follows a court decision Thursday morning to remove the collective protection that had been given to the South Sudanese in Israel. PIBA said that those who wish to be accompanied and assisted by its Unit for Voluntary Departure, will receive assistance.

The decision by the Jerusalem District Court makes it possible for PIBA to take steps to expel the illegal immigrants and punish their employers.

The decision only applies to citizens of South Sudan, who are a relatively small group among the illegal aliens from Africa currently in Israel. The illegal aliens from Sudan number about 10,000, and those from Eritrea number over 35,000….READ MORE

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