Israel Brief August 20, 2014: Hamas admits kidnapping Israeli teens



Hamas admits kidnapping Israeli teens

 Source: JTA, 8-20-14

Hamas admits kidnapping Israeli teens

A senior Hamas official acknowledged that the Hamas military wing was behind the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers in June…READ MORE

Full Text Israel Political Brief June 29, 2014: PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting on Radical Islamic Movements in Israel, Rocket Attacks from Gaza and Search for three Kidnapped Teens



PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Source: PMO, 6-29-14
יום ראשון א’ תמוז תשע”ד

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting:

“Over there weekend there was a demonstration in Umm Al-Fahm in which infuriating calls and support for abducting IDF soldiers were heard. Most Israeli Arabs do not take this view and I call on their leaders to be courageous and strongly condemn such calls. As Israelis we cannot countenance such outrageous remarks that call for abducting Israeli soldiers. IDF soldiers protect all of us. We cannot accept infuriating calls to abduct IDF soldiers.

In many cases, those behind such calls and demonstrations are from the northern branch of the Islamic Movement. It constantly preaches against the State of Israel and its people publicly identify with terrorist organizations such as Hamas. Therefore, I directed the relevant authorities to consider declaring the northern branch of the Islamic Movement an illegal organization. This would give the security authorities significant tools in the struggle against this movement.

Over the weekend, the IDF attacked multiple targets in response to firing at Israel from the Gaza Strip .
We are ready to expand this operation as per need. I would like to reiterate that from the moment the Palestinian unity government was established with the Hamas terrorist organization, the Palestinian Authority became responsible for preventing firing at our territory from the Gaza Strip.

Over the weekend, the ISA revealed the identities of those responsible for the abduction of our three youths – Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Frankel and we are continuing to do our utmost to bring them home safely.

Immediately after the abduction, we said that Hamas was responsible. I think that it is now clear to everyone what we based ourselves. Abu Mazen says that he opposes abductions; he says that he wants to proceed on the path to peace. If he stands by what he says, there is only one way to advance peace – and that is to tear up his agreement with Hamas.”


Israel Brief October 24, 2012: Gaza Rockets slam southern Israel, striking homes and injuring workers



Rockets slam southern Israel, striking homes and injuring workers

Source: JTA, 10-24-12

More than 70 rockets and mortar shells fired from Gaza have hit southern Israel in the last 24 hours, striking several homes and injuring three….READ MORE

Israel Political Brief October 28, 2011: Israel Hits Gaza After Rocket Attack



Israel Hits Gaza After Rocket Attack

Source: Virtual Jerusalem, JTA, 10-28-11

Israeli airstrikes struck terrorist sites in Gaza in response to rocket fire on southern Israel.

Shortly after a long-range Grad rocket was fired from Gaza late Wednesday night, Israel said its Air Force hit three “terror activity sites in the Central Gaza Strip” and a weapons storage facility in southern Gaza.

The Grad rocket had landed in an open area near the city of Ashdod, which has more than 200,000 residents. Color Red warning sirens also went off in Rehovot, Rishon Lezion and other area communities, according to reports.

It was the first rocket attack from Gaza since the Shalit prisoner swap last week. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The last time rockets were fired from Gaza on Israel was three weeks ago.

Also Wednesday night, a roadside bomb damaged an Israeli army vehicle on patrol near the West Bank settlement of Efrat.


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