Jewish Political Brief June 4, 2013: Rabbis Uri Regev & Shlomo Riskin Discuss Religion-State Relations in Israel at AJC Global Forum



At AJC Global Forum, Rabbis Discuss Religion-State Relations in Israel

Source: AJC. 6-4-13

Two well-known Israeli rabbis, one Orthodox and one Reform, agreed before the 1500-strong audience at AJC’s Global Forum that the coercive powers of the Israeli chief rabbinate should be ended….

Reform Rabbi Uri Regev, who heads Hiddush, an organization that promotes religious pluralism, called for the “freedom of religion and conscience” guaranteed by Israel’s Declaration of Independence. Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, chief rabbi of the city of Efrat and director of the Ohr Torah Stone educational network, stated that Jewish law provides far greater leeway for pluralistic interpretations of Judaism than the current Orthodox establishment allows. Discussing “Synagogue and State: The Battle Over Religious Pluralism in Israel”….READ MORE

Israel Political Brief August 22, 2011: Glenn Beck Kicks Off Israel Restoring Courage Rally



Source: Virtual Jerusalem, 8-22-11

Some 3,000 people turned out for the kickoff event in Israel of conservative American talk-show host Glenn Beck’s four-day rally.glenn beck rally

Beck professed his support for Israel and the Jewish people at the event at the ancient Roman amphitheater in Caesarea on Sunday night. He was joined on stage by historian David Barton, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin of Efrat in the West Bank, author Mike Evans, and Pastor John Hagee, the evangelical pastor at the helm of Christians United for Israel.

“We are not alone,” Riskin said in Caesarea. “We are Jews and not Christians; you Christians, nevertheless, have the courage to love us in our otherness. We are profoundly grateful for your courage to love us and stand with us.”

Beck said, “There’s an important distinction of saying I love Israel, I defend Israel, and not separating that from the Jewish people. Make sure to say not that we only love Israel, but we love the Jewish people as they are.”

Some 2,000 Christians, mostly American, accompanied Beck to Israel for the event.

The main program of the four-day rally, called Restoring Courage, is to come Wednesday night at the Davidson Center in Jerusalem. The event, with space for 2,000 people, is sold out. Beck originally had wanted to hold the event on the Temple Mount.


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