Israel Political Brief October 18, 2011: US, Obama Administration Criticizing Gilad Shalit Prisoner Swap Deal



US Now Criticizing Shalit Deal

Source: Virtual Jerusalem, 10-18-11

US officials criticized Tuesday evening the deal brokered for the freedom of Gilad Shalit, which set hundreds of terrorists, including those who had murdered Israelis, free.

The criticism came after it became clear that the released terrorists included those who had murdered Jews with US citizenship.

Earlier on Tuesday, US President Barak Obama had, despite his own nation’s strict policy of not negotiating with terrorists for the release of its citizens, said he was pleased with the deal that set Shalit was free.

Obama also expressed the hope Israel and officials in Ramallah would take the steps necessary to return to the negotiating table.

Previously, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton also praised Israel for negotiating with terrorists to secure Shalit’s release.

French President Sarkozy welcomed the release of Gilad Shalit, saying France had breathed a sigh of relief. Visiting the port city of Nice, Sarkozy’s opined Shalit’s French citizenship helped keep him alive. He added that Gilad will visit France soon.

Britain’s foreign secretary William Hague also welcomed the release of Gilad Shalit, and like Obama, added he hoped the terrorists-for-Shalit deal would provide positive momentum allowing the resumption of peace talks.

It is unclear why the Shalit deal would provide any such momentum. Israel’s deal to release 1,027 security prisoners, some 450 convicted on terrorism charges, for Shalit was made with the Hamas terror organization in Gaza and not Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah.

Hamas had vowed never to negotiate with Israel.


Israel Political Brief October 18, 2011: Egyptian TV Interview Asks Gilad Shalit to Join Campaign to Free Palestinian Prisoners



Egyptian TV Asks Shalit to Join Campaign to Free Palestinian Prisoners

Source: Virtual Jerusalem, 10-18-11
In an interview Egypt conducted with with Gilad Shalit before releasing him to Israeli custody, an interviewer asked Shalit if he would join a campaign to help the more than 4,000 Palestinian prisoners still held “languishing” in Israeli prisons. The interview was aired on Egyptian and other Arab stations.

Israeli news carried the interview at the same time that it was first being aired on Arab television. The interview questions were asked in English, then translated. Gilad responded in Hebrew and English, which was promptly translated to Arabic.

After asking Shalit if Hamas treated him well, and “what he missed most,” the interviewer looked directly at Shalit, saying: “You’ve known what it’s like to be in captivity. There are more than 4,000 Palestinian prisoners languishing in Israeli jails, will you now join the campaign for their release?”

“I’ll be very happy if they are released, but only if they don’t go back to fight Israel, to more wars.” Shalit responded. Shalit, who appears to be in good physical health, though very pale, and breathing heavily, waited a moment before adding that they should join the fight for peace.

This statement was apparently not translated into Arabic for their viewing public.

gilad shalit released

The general consensus in the Israeli media is that while this strange interview was disturbing and borderline abusive, Shalit responded beautifully, especially under the difficult and uncomfortable circumstances.

Gilad was still in Egyptian custody when he gave this interview. The interview began with the question: “Gilad Shalit, you look fine! How are you?”

It has been confirmed that Shalit has had a very emotional conversation with his family on the phone.

UPDATE: After undergoing a medical examination, Gilad Shalit was taken home to Mitzpeh Hila where he was greeted by thousands of supporters.

Israel Political Brief October 11, 2011: Israel and Hamas Agree to Gilad Shalit Deal



Israel and Hamas Agree to Shalit Deal

Israel and Hamas reach a tentative agreement on a proposal to exchange Gilad Shalit for 1027 prisoners.

Source: Shalom Life, 10-11-11

According to reports, a deal has been reached to secure the release of captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

The deal to return Shalit – held by Hamas since his capture in June, 2006 in a cross-border raid by Palestinian terrorists – will see Israel release 300 Hamas prisoners within a few days from today (October 11). Then, once Shalit has been transferred from Gaza to Egypt, Israel would release another 150 terrorists, culminating with his safe return to Israel, which would see Israel release another 550 prisoners. 27 Female prisoners will also be released.

The deal reportedly includes about 300 hard-core terrorists, including Marwan Barghouti and Ahmad Saadat. Hamas reportedly intends to release the full list of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners tonight.

“If all goes according to plan, Gilad will be returning to Israel in the coming days,” Mr. Netanyahu said on Israeli television earlier today, a sign that he’s confident the deal will go through.

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