Israel Political Brief March 2, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama play high-stakes poker over Iran



Netanyahu and Obama play high-stakes poker over Iran

Haaretz’s editor-in-chief Aluf Benn says PM’s planned trip to Washington will be the most fateful of his political career.

Source: Haaretz, 3-2-12

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming trip to Washington will be the most important one in his long career as ambassador, politician and national leader. On Monday, Netanyahu will meet President Barack Obama in the White House for a game of diplomatic poker, where the greatest gamble of all will be right on the table: an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations. Each of the two players will try to push the other to act. Netanyahu would prefer to see the American superpower, with its vast range of military capabilities, pulverize Iran’s nuclear project. For his part, Obama would prefer, if an attack must be launched, that the job be done by Israel, while the United States would serve as the “responsible adult” who comes in afterward to make order in the Middle East….READ MORE

Bibi artist - 2.3.12 Illustration by Amos Biderman

Israel Political Brief February 13, 2012: Facebook page begs Bibi Netanyahu Don’t strike Iran before Madonna concert



Don’t strike Iran before Madonna concert, Facebook page begs Bibi

Source: JTA, 2-13-12

A new Facebook page is calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to refrain from striking Iran’s nuclear sites until after Madonna performs in Israel.

A day after Madonna announced last week that she is launching her new world tour in Israel in support of her latest album, the Facebook page “Bibi don’t start a war with Iran until after Madonna’s show on May 29” was established by Israeli artist Kobi Zvili. It has received 790 likes.

“We are hereby to declare that this page and it’s organisars (sic) are anti war of any kind,” a statement on the information page reads. “We are pro peace. We love Madonna, and it’s just our humorous way of dealing with not so humorous life in the middle east. We send our neighbors in Iran a message of unity, and hope Madonna will grace their country with a visit on her upcoming tour.” Read more »

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