Full Text Israel Political Brief July 16, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Statements at Meeting on Egypt, Peace Process



Statement by PM Netanyahu and United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Source: PMO, 7-16-12

Photo by GPO

PM Benjamin Netanyahu: I want to welcome you, Secretary of State Clinton – Hillary – to Jerusalem once again, and we were just discussing how turbulent and how swiftly changing the world is, in our part of the world in particular.  So I look forward to hearing of your impressions from Egypt.  That has been an anchor of peace and maintaining the peace treaty between us, I think, is something that is uppermost in both our minds, and I appreciate the efforts that you’re investing to this end.

We’re going to talk about the Palestinians.  That is also an anchor of peace, and we have to invest every effort to maintain it, to keep the tranquility and see if we can move the process forward, and third: we have our common effort to make sure that Iran not achieve its ambition of developing nuclear weapons.  So that’s a small agenda for this plate and for this dinner and I look forward to discussing all these issues with you.  Welcome to Jerusalem.

Sec. of State Clinton:  Thank you so much, Bibi.  Well, Prime Minister Bibi, it is wonderful to be back in Jerusalem to have a chance to meet with your Government and now for us to have a working dinner to discuss the broad range of issues that you just mentioned.  You’re absolutely right; we’re living in a time of unprecedented change with a lot of challenges for us both, and we will continue to consult closely as we have on an almost daily basis between our two governments to chart the best way forward for peace and stability, for Israel, the United States, the region and the world, and we’re all delighted to be here with you.  Thank you.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu:  Thank you.

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