Israel Political Brief June 11, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu Injured, Tears Leg Ligament Playing Soccer with Jewish, Arab Youth



Netanyahu injures leg playing soccer with Jewish, Arab youth

Source: JTA, 6-11-12
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu injured his leg during a soccer match with Jewish and Arab youth.

Netanyahu pulled a tendon in his leg during the Monday afternoon game in Jerusalem, Walla! News reported.  The prime minister slipped on the grass, rose and continued to play and scored a goal, according to Walla!

Netanyahu’s personal physician, Dr. Tzvi Berkowitz, examined the prime minister and diagnosed the pulled tendon, according to the news website. The injury caused the postponement of a Likud Party meeting.

PM Tears Ligament at Children’s Soccer Game

The prime minister scored a goal, but pulled a tendon in the process – fouling out a Likud Knesset faction meeting as a result.
PM shows off torn ligament

PM shows off torn ligament
Israel news photo: PMO

The prime minister scored a goal, but pulled a tendon in the process – fouling out a Likud Knesset faction meeting as a result.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is as agile as ever on the political field, but not quite as light on his feet on the soccer field.

Taking part Monday afternoon in a Jewish-Arab children’s soccer game, the prime minister missed a swing at the ball after about five minutes of game time.

The game was being held at Jerusalem’s Kraft Stadium, and was staged for Peter Greenberg’s show “The Royal Tour.”

Down he went, straining a tendon in the process.

Photo: GPO

Likud Knesset members canceled their regularly scheduled faction meeting in deference to the injury.

“Today I was playing soccer to promote tourism and to show off the youth and the truly beautiful side of Israel — but I tore a ligament during the game,” Netanyahu explained with a slightly sheepish glance at his foot in a video clip sent a few hours later to media outlets.

“It’s not exactly the Euro,” he kibbitzed, showing off the cast on his left foot. “Tomorrow I will be back at the game as a prime minister,” he added, “to continue in other fields, once again on behalf of the State of Israel.”

PM Netanyahu Participates in Soccer Game Between Jewish and Arab Youth

Source: PMO, 6-11-12

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this afternoon in Jerusalem, participated in a soccer game between Jewish and Arab youth, in the framework of an international project to promote tourism to Israel.  During the game, the Prime Minister slipped on the field, rose, continued to play and scored a goal.

During a subsequent examination, expert orthopedist Dr. Leon Kaplan diagnosed a suspected tear in one of the Prime Minister’s tendons.  A CT scan at Hadassah-Mt. Scopus Hospital confirmed the diagnosis.  The Prime Minister’s left leg was placed in a cast for several weeks.

Prime Minister Netanyahu returned home and will be back at work at his office tomorrow.


Arie Hasit: Keeping the Jewish flame alive, even from afar


Arie Hasit: Keeping the Jewish flame alive, even from afar

Students who participate in programs in Israel return home impassioned and engaged; the challenge is for Jewish communities abroad to reach these excited, newly captivated students to maintain their level of interest in their Jewish roots and Israel.

Source: Haaretz, 10-27-11

Like most Israelis, I spent Tuesday, October 18 glued to the television. I listened to the radio incessantly and checked my phone for news updates every few minutes. I wanted to keep as up to date about Gilad Shalit’s return to Israel as possible, and I wanted to share it with as many people as I could.

But more than anything, I wanted to share my excitement about the news with my friends and loved ones abroad.

Of course, I was not the only one excited about this historical event – my Facebook newsfeed was loaded with status updates and shared articles on the prisoner exchange. However, I was particularly pleased to see how many of my former students and campers from Jewish programs that I have worked with over the years were eager to share the news as well.

Over the last number of years, I have been involved with different programs that give Jewish high school students the opportunity to come to Israel from anywhere from six weeks to four months. Once in Israel, these students undergo a transformative experience.

As Jewish educators in Israel we have unique opportunities that our North American counterparts lack. For many participants, being abroad without parental supervision is an adventure, and a new culture and language give the experience added appeal. More importantly, we have students excited to be in Israel not for the beach, but to become more intimately acquainted with their Jewish roots….

I am proud of my students who have made aliyah, as well as those who volunteer in underprivileged communities and even become educators themselves. These individuals have been inspired by their time in Israel and wish to impart their values on another generation.

Although knowing that I, along with other educators in Israel, have had a role in these achievements, it is up to the Jewish community in North America to give these teenagers and others like them the opportunity to stay involved with Israel even after their return home.

birthright - Erez Ozir - February 11 2011 Birthright participants at the organization’s ‘Mega Event’ in Jerusalem, February 2011.
Photo by: Erez Ozir

It is inspirational events like the return of Shalit that remind us of the lasting impression that positive experiences in Israel can have on Diaspora youth, and maintaining their impassioned relationship with Judaism and Israel for years to come.

Arie Hasit is an educator at Ramah Programs in Israel and is beginning the Israeli bet midrash program at the Schechter institute.


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