Israel Political Brief July 24, 2012: Journalist Uri Blau Convicted of Holding Classified Military Documents



Journalist Uri Blau convicted of holding classified military documents

Source: JTA, 7-24-12

Uri Blau, the Haaretz journalist who accepted classified documents from an Israeli soldier, was convicted under a plea bargain….READ MORE

Israel Political Brief March 8, 2012: Haaretz poll: Most Israelis oppose an Israeli strike on Iran without US backing — Support for PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is at all-time high



Haaretz poll: Most of the public opposes an Israeli strike on Iran

Support for Netanyahu’s Likud party is at all-time high, but Israelis still skeptical regarding attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities without U.S. backing.

Source: Haaretz, 3-8-12

Most Israelis believe that if the United States does not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, Israel must no try to do so alone, according to a Haaretz poll.

The Haaretz-Dialog poll, conducted under the supervision of Prof. Camil Fuchs of Tel Aviv University on Sunday and Monday during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, also showed that the prime minister’s Likud party would win big in the next election, taking between 35 and 37 seats.

Netanyahu and Barak Oct. 18, 2011 (Moti Milrod) Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Photo by: Moti Milrod

Likud, the rest of the right wing and the ultra-Orthodox parties would get between 71 and 74 mandates. Under such a scenario, only Netanyahu would be able to form a government.

However, Netanyahu, who returned to Israel on Wednesday, is facing a complex political situation.

On the one hand, he and his party seem to be in top political form. On the other, 58 percent of those polled opposed an Israeli strike on Iran, without U.S. backing.

Thus it seems Netanyahu has not convinced those for whom he has been repeatedly threatening Tehran.

Even so, half the respondents said they are relying on Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak to handle the Iran issue….READ MORE

Israel Political Brief March 4-6, 2012: Haaretz’s Live Coverage of the AIPAC Policy Conference 2012



Live on Haaretz: AIPAC Policy Conference 2012

Haaretz’s live streaming, blogging and Tweeting of the largest AIPAC conference of all time, featuring Peres and Obama as opening speakers

Source: Haaretz, 3-4-12

Since early Sunday morning, a long line has curled around the largest convention center in Washington D.C.

This year’s AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee) Policy Conference is the biggest of all time.

More than 13,000 people showed up at the opening event of the conference, where Israeli President Shimon Peres and U.S. President Barack Obama are set to deliver speeches.

It is no wonder AIPAC is the third largest lobby in the United States. Thousands of people from all across the U.S. – most, but not all of them Jews – come to take part in the annual conference.

Jews were not the only ones to make it to Washington this year. Among the crowd are Christians, African-Americans and Latinos, as well.

The convention center’s main hall is decorated with the American stars and stripes, alongside the Israeli flag’s blue and white.

Even the pyrotechnics, the lighting and video streaming met the expectations of conference participants.This is the kind of event can only be found in the U.S.

On this page you will find live streaming, blogging and Tweeting of the event….READ MORE

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