Israel Political Brief September 16, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu on US news shows calls for red line on Iran



Netanyahu on U.S. news shows calls for red line on Iran

Source: JTA, 9-16-12

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to American news shows to push for red lines on Iran’s nuclear program….READ MORE

Israel Political Brief April 25, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu Says He Can Deliver Peace Deal in CNN Interview



Netanyahu Says He Can Deliver Peace

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told CNN that he believes he can deliver a peace deal – but that the PA will have to make compromises, too


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told CNN interviewer Erin Burnett on Tuesday he can “deliver a peace agreement” with the Palestinian Authority.

“I think that I could deliver a peace agreement,” Netanyahu said. “I could get the Israeli people to follow me if I believe that I have a serious partner on the other side willing to make the necessary compromises on the Palestinian side.”

However, Netanyahu stressed that compromise was a two-way street and no agreement would be possible if PA officials refused to make concessions as well.

“Many compromises that people talk about are on the Israeli side. But there are necessary compromises on the Palestinian side… peace is always a two-way compromise,” Netanyahu told Burnett.

“I think that peace would benefit us, as I think it would benefit the Palestinians, as it would benefit the entire region,” he added.

He also said he was committed to a contiguous PA state in Judea and Samaria. The future PA state should not “look like Swiss cheese,” Netanyahu said.

“I’m the prime minister who removed 400 checkpoints, barriers, roadblocks and so on to facilitate the growth of the Palestinian economy. This is in line with what I believe is essential.” he said.

He added, “It’s not a substitute for a political peace… There are so many issues to discuss but you have to discuss them. We have to sit down opposite one another. That’s what leaders do.”

During the interview Netanyahu also told Burnett that his concerns were rooted in security, saying Israel had no desire to meddle in a future PA state’s domestic affairs.

“I don’t want to govern the Palestinians. I don’t want them as subjects of Israel or as citizens of Israel. I want them to have their own independent state. But a demilitarized state,” Netanyahu said.

He explained that a demilitarized PA state “just means that they can’t field the armies. They can’t fire rockets. That they won’t be used a third time by Iran and its Palestinian proxies to fire rockets on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. But we don’t want to run their lives.”

During the interview on Wednesday, Netanyahu also discussed Iran’s nuclear program, saying “they – they say they need it for, what? Medical isotopes?”

“Well, you know – well, you have a sense of humor…. This is a farce. Nobody can seriously– nobody can take them seriously,” Netanyahu said, laughing after Burnett asking him about Iranian claims that their nuclear program is peaceful.

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