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To help the Victims of Palestinian Terror and the Recent War:

The Koby Mandell Foundation:
Grief can destroy not just a family, but generations. There are ravaged societies that turn their pain into hate. But that is not the Jewish response. The Koby Mandell Foundation helps families keep their hearts and spirits open. By facing pain with the support and love of others, families can be strengthened, not destroyed. That is the Koby Mandell Foundation’s response to terrorism. The terrorists will not win; a network of love and sharing is created in the wake of the terrorists’ attempts to destroy the people of Israel.
Support Camp Koby, a magical summer camp that works with survivors of terror, healing sons and daughters, brothers and sisters of victims.

Financially Help the Victims of Terror:

The Israel Emergency Campaign (IEC) helps support thousands of Israelis still affected by the devastating Hezbollah rocket attacks of last summer.

To Support the Missing Soldiers:
United Jewish Communities (UJC) and the Jewish Federations of North America, along with a consortium of other Jewish organizations, are circulating a petition demanding the immediate release of three Israeli soldiers and reserve officers abducted by terrorist organizations last summer – Udi Goldwasser, Eldad Regev, Gilad Shalit.  The petition, to be presented to United Nations Secretary General Ban ki-Moon, President George W. Bush, and high-level administration and congressional officials, is part of a major public awareness and advocacy campaign, by, to secure immediate release of the Israelis. The petition, initiated by the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, and the dog tags project, initiated by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, were introduced at the 2006 UJC General Assembly in November. A website,, allows members of the public to view and sign the petition and to order dog tags. Also at the site is information on the missing Israelis and additional advocacy tools, such as letters to members of Congress, a prayer for release, and study guides for parents and children. The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism is supporting this effort with UJC and the Jewish Federations of North America.

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF):
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces helps support social, education and recreational programs and facilities for IDF personnel. FIDF also provide these services to the widows and children of soldiers who have fallen in defense of Israel.

Sderot in the aftermath of Qassam missile attacks:
Since the beginning of the ceasefire at the end of November, over 60 Qassams have been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip. However, the mainstream media continues to downplay or even ignore the continuous Qassam strikes against Sderot and surrounding communities by Palestinian terrorists, describing Qassam missiles as “harmless” or merely “home-made rockets”. Commenting on the daily threat to Sderot, the Jerusalem Post points out: “It has become a curious game of Palestinian Roulette … The rocket that fell in a Sderot nursery school playground could have, with a little less luck, taken the lives of many toddlers.” (From
For more Info:
Israeli Children Seek Refuge and Recovery at Havens of Calm — American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Jewish Agency Launches Grants Campaign to Small Businesses in the Sderot Area The Israel Emergency Campaign expands to include assistance to Gaza periphery
Shai From Jerusalem: Sderot

Jewish National Fund (JNF):

Support JNF’s Operation Northern Renewal:
Staying true to its mandate and responding to the needs of the land and people of Israel, Jewish National Fund (JNF) announced in Septermber 2006 a $400 million, 10-year, worldwide plan to rebuild and renew northern Israel and help make it home again for its residents.
Visit Also:
Karen Kayemeth LeIsrael

The ZOA Campus Activism Network Adopt a Soldier Program: The ZOA Campus Activism Network has launched a new partnership program that connects students to Israeli soldiers. Through the Adopt a Soldier program, students interact with the brave Israeli soldiers who risk their lives to defend the Jewish homeland. Students exchange e-mails with their IDF counterparts and get together in select locations to assemble care packages.

To support the Children of Israel, who deserve to live in freedom, free of fear

Israeli society has proved itself remarkably resilient, but the war, combined with the economic troubles of the last few years, took its toll. Even as the security situation has stabilized, and the economic numbers have improved, there is far too much poverty in Israel, and there are fears that the gap between the rich and the poor is growing greater than ever. We must be proactive not just reactive, thinking about how to help improve the quality of Israeli life. One lovely initiative is the Jade Bar Shalom Books for Israel Project, an attempt to get new and slightly used English books sent to Israeli schoolchildren to help compensate for budget cutbacks. Since July 2005, over 41 tons of donated English literature and reference books have been delivered to over 200 of Israel’s public schools serving Jewish, Druze, Christian, and Muslim children. The site includes information about this project, and how to set up local chapters.

Institutions of Israel, the well-oiled infrastructure which keeps the society functioning

Even as we champion new initiatives, we need to continue supporting agencies that have laid the foundation for the Jewish state, and help make it thrive. To name only a few, during these difficult times, Hadassah continues to maintain and modernize Israeli medical facilities, the Magen David Adom (Israeli “Red Cross”) serves all people in Israel under very trying circumstances, the Jewish National Fund continues renewing and rebuilding the land, the United Jewish Communities launched a special Israel Emergency Fund to rebuild in the north and in Sderot. This year, in honor of their heroic services to the citizens and soldiers up north during the war, make sure to support Rambam Hospital in Haifa as well, as part of the rebuilding effort.

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