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יחד עם ישראל

Educational Resources on the Internet

General Educational Resources

    • The History of the Jewish People/This Day in Jewish History: This site details events in Jewish History, and includes a this day in history feature. According to site creater Eli Birnbaum “Studying history hopefully gives us a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here. It is in the spirit of making Jewish history more meaningful and relevant that this site is presented.”
    • My Jewish Learning:
    • The Online Jewish Book Community:
    • Zionism and Israel Information Center
    • Zionism On The Web
    •, Hebrew and Israel:
      Articles about Israel, covering Israeli culture, Hebrew, Jerusalem, Middle East Peace Process, Israeli Politics, Security, Terrorism and a Virtual Tour. Information about the official language of Israel, Hebrew – one of the world’s oldest living languages.
    • – All things Jewish and Israeli. Check out the WallCam.
    • Zionism: Cyber encyclopedia of Jewish history and culture that covers everything from anti-Semitism to Zionism. It includes a glossary, bibliography of web sites.
    • Zionism in Wikipedia
    • Ancient Maps of Jersualem:
    • Education Department of The Jewish Agency for Israel:
      The Education Department of the Jewish Agency comprises a number of different departments each providing high quality support and activities to Jews around the world. The Education Department runs dozens of leadership and educational seminars, including a number which work with WUJS. The Education Department is responsible for the training and sending of shlichim to the Diaspora. The Education Department has desks that deal with different countries, including Israel, ensuring that they have a world-wide reach. The Pedagogic Centre, a division of the ED, provides a huge number of resources online.
    • The Hagshama Department of the WZO Website
      The Hagshama Department encourages young people to embark on a journey designed to empower participants in an ongoing process, in which the individual develops a sense of belonging and responsibility to the broader community. Hence, they envision the expansion of the person’s growing commitment from the personal to the Jewish communal and to the State of Israel. The Hagshama Department identifies key stages in the journey, in the form of a Hagshama process: Education and study –> Developing awareness –> Identification –> Developing a sense of responsibility –> Developing a sense of commitment –> Taking action –> Joining and becoming a member of organizations within the Jewish community –> Activism within the organization and the community –> Assuming leadership roles within the community –> Aliyah.
    • Jewish Feminist Resources:
    • Collection of Jewish Discussion Forums:

Elementary and High School

    • Jewish Agency for Israel, Israel and Zionism – Highlights: Includes educational resources including; a summary of the History of Zionism and Israel, Current Issues, Maps, and an Programming and Activities page.
    • Building a Jewish World:
    • Israel 4 Kids:
    • The kids website of the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC. An animated website to introduce kids to Israel’s history and culture.
    • Jewish Education Center of Cleveland Israel NOW Solidarity Curriculum
    • The JECC’s response curriculum is designed to help educators consider age-appropriate ways to teach about the current situation in Israel.
    • Changes
    • A curricular guideline to accompany the exhibition “Changes” (and more). The guide explores new ways of thinking about and teaching about Israel.
    • A Jewish Response To Terror: BJENY
    • This curriculum was designed by the BJE of New York as a response to September 11th. Many parts of the curriculum can be used to teach about suicide bombings in Israel.
    • Israel In Our Lives
    • A companion site to the series of publications, Israel In Our Lives, the site includes full texts of the publications and access to the other resources for the teaching of Israel and promoting meaningful experiences in Israel.
    • CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education)-curriculum bank
    • The CAJE curriculum bank is full of activities for all ages of students.  It includes formal and informal activities.
    • CJE(Center for Jewish Education)-Baltimore
    • The Center for Jewish Education in Baltimore’s publication site which contains publications on educational programs about Israel.
    • JAFI’s online database of Jewish educational materials, includes listings of curriculum, books, videos etc. on Israeli and Arab-Israeli conflict.  The database is searchable by keywords, subjects, authors, titles and publisher information.
    • March of the Living
    • The March of the Living Web site contains their online curriculum for participants in the March.  The curriculum includes a section n the establishment of the state of Israel through the war of Independence.
    • The Jewish National Fund Program Catalogue (PDF)
    • The Jewish National Fund aims to create meaningful moments of Israel education for American Jewish youth regarding the land of Israel and the people of Israel. For more information on JNF programs, you can click the above link, visit the JNF Web site at
    • Publications of the Embassy of Israel (MS Word)
    • Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education: Young American Jews Speak Out On Israel Video (MS Word)
    • The video is a “trigger” film. It is raw, powerful, and to the point. The teens and young adults talk about issues such as: Why should American Jews care about a Jewish State? How can you support Israel regardless of whether you agree with its current policies? How does the Middle East situation affect you here? Educational resource materials accompany the video.
    • PACE: Israel Travel and Activity Guide (PDF)
    • Created by Lisa Gittleman Udi of The Community Synagogue of Port Washington.  Written for the 3rd grade. It is an active tour of Israel for the classroom.
    • Exodus: For Kids (MS Word)
    • Created by Alice Nussbaum of the Jewish Education Center of Rochester. A dramatic recreation of the movie Exodus.
    • For the Love of Israel: UAHC (MS Word)
    • Created by the UAHC’s Department of Jewish Education. For the Love of Israel explores how we can teach students about the Jewish love of Israel by examining prayers we use everyday.
    • The Situation in Israel
    • A Web-based lesson suitable for students in grades 7-12. It examines four issues surrounding the current conflict:  “Does Zionism = Racism?”, “National Aspirations”, “Repercussions of the Balfour Declaration”, and “Truth in the Media.”
    • Israel Bibliography: Web Link | Download (MS Word)
    • Where can you find additional resources on Israel? This comprehensive bibliography was created with help from the Jewish Agency for Israel.
    • ACAJE Summer Reading Lists (MS Word)
    • Auerbach Central Agency For Jewish Education, Seidman Educational Resource Center created a summer Jewish reading club. This summer the reading club “goes to Israel.” There are reading lists for grades 5-8 and grades 8-12, as well as a reading list for teens.
    • Letters from Jerusalem 1947-1948, by Zipporah Porath
    • An American student on a year program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem found herself caught up in Israel’s War of Independence. Her eyewitness account of Israel’s birth, recorded in vivid, moving letters to her family, recaptures those historic events for the reader of today with freshness and immediacy (233 pp. 4th edition, 2003, available from: or
    • Media ContactsA list of national and Jewish print and radio and TV media contact information: Web link | Download (MS Word)

University and Beyond

    • Birthright Israel:
    • Hillel: Hillel’s mission is to maximize the number of Jews doing Jewish with other Jews. Hillel actively seeks to engage uninvolved Jewish students on their own terms: to provide them with opportunities to do Jewish that are meaningful and appealing to them. Students are empowered to take responsibility for their Jewish identity, whether they wish to participate in a community service project, express themselves artistically, participate in a social event, engage in informal Jewish learning or attend religious services. Any student may participate in Hillel – no membership is required. Hillel is committed to a pluralistic vision of Judaism that embraces all movements.
    • ROI 120: ROI is a global initiative aimed at sustaining the powerful impact of programs like Taglit-birthright israel by supporting individuals and groups that are committed to expanding the horizons of their Jewish communities.
    • Israel Campus Beat
    • The College Zionist: The magazine of the ZOA Campus Activism
    • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology(IIT):
    • Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI):
    • “Weizmann Institute of Science”>Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS)
    • Bar-Ilan University (BIU)
    • Tel Aviv University (TAU)
    • University of Haifa (HU)
    • Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU)
    • Open University of Israel
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