History of Israel Overview



Historical overview

Source: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(28 Nov 2010) 2010 Edition

Facts About Israel: History

HISTORY: Biblical Times

Jewish history began about 4,000 years ago (c. 17th century BCE) with the patriarchs – Abraham, his son Isaac, and grandson Jacob.

HISTORY: Second Temple Period – Return to Zion

Following a decree by the Persian King Cyrus (538 BCE), 50,000 Jews set out on the first return to the Land of Israel.

HISTORY: Foreign Domination

Roman rule was followed by centuries of domination by successive foreign powers: Byzantine, Arab, Crusaders, Mamluk, Ottoman and British.

HISTORY: The State of Israel

On 14 May 1948, Israel proclaimed its independence.

HISTORY: The Peace Process

The Madrid Peace Conference (October 1991) brought together representatives of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and the Palestinians.

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