Full Text Israel Political Brief May 28, 2014: PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Jerusalem Day Cabinet Meeting at Ammunition Hill



PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Jerusalem Day Cabinet Meeting at Ammunition Hill

Source: PMO, 5-28-14
יום רביעי כ”ח אייר תשע”ד

Photo by GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks at the Cabinet meeting at Ammunition Hill :

“Jerusalem was unified 47 years ago and it will never be redivided. Since that day, Jerusalem has developed; it is prosperous and flourishing. We meet here every year in order to ensure that this prosperity will be even greater, that the construction will be even broader and that it will flourish even more. We are committed to a rebuilt, greater and developing Jerusalem as a historical mandate of the Jewish People. I have heard that there are those who would like to cancel today as a national holiday. I say that this is not just a national holiday; this is a historic, national miracle. The Jewish People will always see to the rebuilt and greater Jerusalem.”

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