Full Text Israel Political Brief May 9, 2013: PM Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses Students at Chinese Future Leadership Training School




PM Netanyahu Address Students at Chinese Future Leadership Training School

Source: PMO, 5-9-13

Photo by GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today addressed students at an elite Chinese school for training future leaders, becoming only the second foreign leader (after the Prime Minister of Singapore) to do so in the past year.

Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked his hosts for according him the honor of speaking to China’s future leaders and told the school directors that leadership is the ability to foresee and change the future.

Prime Minister Netanyahu briefed the students on Israel’s technological abilities and the efforts being invested in finding alternatives to oil in order to reduce the world’s dependence on petroleum. He also noted the agreement that he reached with his Chinese counterpart yesterday on establishing a joint working team to prepare a strategic plan on cooperation in civilian fields such as water, food and public health systems. The Prime Minister asserted that he was in China because he believes in bilateral ties and added that he thought the two countries could achieve better results. In reference to the threats directed against the State of Israel, the Prime Minister said that the most dangerous regime in the world could not be allowed to arm itself with the most dangerous weapons in the world.

Prime Minister Netanyahu signed the guestbook: “Many thanks for inviting me to address China’s future generation of leaders. With deep appreciation and respect, Benjamin Netanyahu.”

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