Full Text Israel Political Brief February 3, 2013: PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Cabinet Meeting on Forming a National Unity Government



PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Cabinet Meeting

Source: PMO, 2-3-13
יום ראשון כ”ג שבט תשע”ג

Photo by GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting:

“Last night, I called upon the Knesset factions to join me in as broad a national unity government as possible that would unite the public at a decisive time in our history. The supreme mission that a national unity government will face is stopping Iran from arming itself with nuclear weapons.
This is all the more complicated because Iran has equipped itself with new centrifuges that shorten the enrichment time. We cannot countenance this process.

Additionally, there are three tasks that we will need to deal with in the first year: The first is to enact a responsible budget and the reforms that will allow us to lower the cost of living. The second task is to significantly increase equality in sharing the burden without causing a rift in the nation. The third mission is to move forward on a responsible and realistic diplomatic process.

We need to deal with these three tasks all at the same time and not deal with only one or two of them. Reality and time demands this and it is possible only with a broad national unity government. Our goal is to unite the nation around these tasks and not divide it. Only as broad a union of forces as possible will enable us to meet these tasks and to ensure the future of the State of Israel.

Today, the Cabinet will hear a review from Negev and Galilee Development Minister Silvan Shalom, who has done major and important work that needs to be summarized. I think that it heralds the unity that we have spoken of, the union of the Negev and the Galilee, the union of the periphery and the center, the cancellation of distances, the creation of centers of life and activity the likes of which we have not seen for many years. I think that this is very welcome action by the Government and it is appropriate that it receive a proper review.”

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