Full Text Israel Political Brief January 20, 2013: PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting on Tu B’Shvat, the festival of trees



PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting

Source: PMO, 1-20-13

יום ראשון ט’ שבט תשע”ג

Photo by GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today, made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting:

“Today, we mark the week in which Tu B’Shvat – the festival of trees – occurs and there is a celebration of planting in the Land of Israel. We are bringing about a green revolution, the good green in a Middle East of parks and forests. This good green is in the State of Israel, part of this work is in Samaria, in establishing a Jewish city in Samaria; this mission was carried out by our friend Ron Nachman, who passed away. I think that everyone who knew Ron, and many here did, are familiar with his unique contribution in establishing Ariel, both in vision and deed. He gave his life to this vision and he realized it. Today we part from our dear friend who managed to build Ariel into a city of culture, with a university. I regret that he did not have additional years in which to enjoy the fruit of his labors.

Last night, I met with five US Senators, Democrats and Republicans, and I told them that the problem is not building in Ariel and it is not building in Jerusalem. The problem in the Middle East is Iran’s attempt to build nuclear weapons, and the chemical weapons in Syria and the Islamic extremism that is spreading in Africa and threatening to inundate the entire region. I told them that history will not forgive those who allow Iran to arm itself with nuclear weapons. This was, and remains, the main mission facing not only myself and the State of Israel, but the US as well.”

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