Full Text Israel Political Brief November 26, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Changeover Ceremony for his Military Secretary



PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Changeover Ceremony for his Military Secretary

Source: PMO, 11-26-12


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, made the following remarks at the changeover ceremony for the post of Prime Minister’s Military Secretary:

“First, I would like to express personal appreciation to Defense Minister Ehud Barak. We have known each other operationally for many decades. I am familiar with your great contribution to the IDF and the security of Israel, and your contribution in the Government, in both counsel and action, on matters that are very important to the security of Israeli citizens and the state. Therefore, I would like to thank you.

I have great faith in all of you – generals, commanders, soldiers, in the IDF and in the Israeli people. It is becoming more and more clear in the annals of the Jewish People that the great difference is not in those who wish to destroy us. Anti-Semitism exists, it changes its forms – and the Jewish People have still not found rest, and it is doubtful if it will come in the form that our prophets hoped it would. The only thing that separates the fate of our people from that of the dark periods in our past is the IDF, the security services and our ability to realize the mighty potential that there is here in order to defend our people. The power is great, the achievements are very great and so is the mission. I have no doubt that we will meet it together.”

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