Israel Political Brief November 19, 2012: Khaled Mashaal says Benjamin Netanyahu asked for lull; Israel: He’s lying



Mashaal says Netanyahu asked for lull; Israel: He’s lying

Exiled Hamas leader claims Netanyahu requested truce, but top Israeli official says his comments ‘about as accurate as Hamas’ claims that it downed F-15 or attacked Knesset’

Source: YNet News, 11-19-12


שיגורים, נפילות ותקיפות. יום שישי למבצע "עמוד ענן" (צילום:AP)

Day 6 of Operation Pillar of Defense (Photo: AP)

Israel and Hamas agreed on a ceasefire but still disagree on the implementation phases, the Al-Arabiya network quoted unnamed sources as saying Sunday afternoon.

According to the report, Hamas conditioned the agreement on the immediate implementation of a ceasefire, while Israel wants to implement it in two separate phases – apparently a lull in the first stage and the lifting of the naval blockade of Gaza at a later stage.

However, both sides denied the report and accused one another of spreading disinformation. Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal claimed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has requested a truce in the Gaza conflict, but a senior Israeli official said in response that “Hamas’s comments about a ceasefire, alleging that Israel is begging for one, are about as accurate as its claims to have shot down an F-15 (warplane) or attacked the Knesset.”….READ MORE


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