Israel Political Brief November 15, 2012: Can Twitter censor the Israel Defense Forces?



Can Twitter censor the Israel Defense Forces?

Source: WaPo, 11-15-12

Israel’s Iron Dome defense system fires to intercept incoming missiles from Gaza in the port town of Ashdod. (AP Photo /Tsafrir Abayov)

Israel made history Wednesday when it began live-tweeting its own strike on the Gaza Strip. Now that the initial shock is over, the questions are setting in: Are governments allowed to use Twitter that way? And even if they can, should they?

A rumor widely circulated Thursday morning claimed that the Israel Defense Forces’ Twitter account, @IDFSpokesperson, went down for a 40-minute period, but neither Twitter nor the reporter who first broke the story, Daily Dot’s Kris Holt, have definitively confirmed that the account was suspended. A parody account, @IDFspokesman, was definitely taken down.

Reports have also claimed that Youtube is suspending videos from the IDF’s official channel, but one video that was “removed mistakenly” was reinstated by the site within hours, according to All Things Digital….READ MORE

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