Israel Political Brief September 11, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu Orders the Transfer of Money to Palestinian Authority to Ease Economic Crisis



Israel transfers money to PA to ease economic crisis

Source: JTA, 9-11-12

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the transfer of some $63 million to the Palestinian Authority to help ease its economic crisis….READ MORE

PM Netanyahu Orders the Transfer of NIS 250 Million to the Palestinian Authority Due to its Crisis

Source: PMO, 9-11-12

Due to the Palestinian Authority’s financial crisis, Prime Minister Netanyahu, ordered the transfer of a NIS 250 million advance to the Palestinian Authority from tax revenues collected by Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who consulted on the issue with Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, communicated the directive via his special envoy, Isaac Molho, who coordinated with the Palestinian leadership.

Earlier today, at his meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to the issue: “We are working on several fronts in order to help the Palestinian Authority cope with its economic problems. We have made several changes in the taxation agreements. We are advancing certain transfers. We have also helped with Palestinian workers and with a series of other steps in order to make things easier for them. Of course, there is a global reality and it is also related to the internal management of every economy, but for our part we are making efforts to help the Palestinian Authority survive this crisis. I hope that they will succeed in doing so; this is our in our common interest.”

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