Israel Political Brief July 17, 2012: As US officials Descend on Israel, Republicans Rally for Votes for Upcoming Elections



As U.S. officials descend on Israel, Republicans rally for votes

Source: JTA, 6-17-12

The Republican Jewish Coalition campaigned for votes in Israel ahead of the expected visit to the country by presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, while U.S. officials including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also came to talk about American policy concerns in the Middle East….READ MORE


Are US-Israel Relations Heading for a Change?

Source: Israel National News, 7-17-12

Former ambassadors Yoram Ettinger and Zalman Shoval analyze the views of the candidates in the upcoming US presidential elections.
Obama Mitt Romney Candidates

Obama Mitt Romney Candidates

Hillary Clinton arrived in Israel Monday for meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. This visit precedes an expected visit by Republican Candidate Mitt Romney, who is seeking to unseat President Obama.

This visit has been touted as one where strategic and regional issues will be discussed, yet the timing of the visit is questionable as President Obama is in the midst of a tight reelection campaign. As election season permeates the air and campaigns for the upcoming November elections intensify, both candidates will declare unshakable support for Israel in the hope of luring the necessary extra votes.

While most voters in America vote with their pockets – the main issues are economic- for some, policy towards Israel is important.

What can be expected from each candidate in the foreign policy arena and specifically with regard to  Israel?…READ MORE

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