Full Text Israel Political Brief May 21, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Remarks on Iran at a Civil Service Commission event



PM Netanyahu’s Remarks on Iran

Photo by GPO

“Iran wants to destroy Israel, and it is developing nuclear weapons to fulfill that goal.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminding world powers they need to be tough after the chief of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said Tuesday that the agency had reached a deal with Iran that would allow it to resume a long-stalled search for evidence that Iran worked secretly to build nuclear arms.

Source: PMO, 5-21-12

Following is an excerpt from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks this evening at a Civil Service Commission event:

“In recent weeks, I have heard those who have cast doubt on Iran’s intentions.  They said that when Iran’s leaders declare that they will wipe Israel off the map, they really mean something else in Persian.  It would be interesting to hear what they think of the Iranian Chief-of-Staff’s remarks yesterday: ‘Iran is committed to the complete destruction of Israel.’  This is clear and simple.  Iran’s goals are clear.  It wants to annihilate Israel and is developing nuclear weapons to realize this goal.

Iran threatens Israel, peace and the entire world.  Against this malicious intention, the world’s leading countries must show determination, not weakness.  They do not need to make concessions to Iran.  They need to set clear and unequivocal demands before it: Iran must halt all enrichment of nuclear material.  It must remove from its territory all nuclear material that has been enriched up until now and it must dismantle the underground nuclear facility in Qom.  Only thus will it be possible to ensure that Iran will not have a nuclear bomb.  This is Israel’s position; it has not changed and it will not change.”

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