Israel Political Brief March 10, 2012: PM Benjamin Netanyahu vows to continue striking those in Gaza who target Israel



Netanyahu vows to continue striking those in Gaza who target Israel

Source: JTA, 3-10-12

In a meeting Saturday night with the mayors of southern Israeli communities, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue hitting Palestinian forces in Gaza responsible for a barrage of rocket attacks.

Netayahu praised the residents for their resilience in the face of the rocket barrage.

“We will continue to hit whoever plans to attack citizens of the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said. ” At the same time, we will continue to improve home front defense including by means of additional Iron Dome systems, the effectiveness of which was shown again over the weekend.”

More than 130 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza since an Israeli airstrike killed the leader of a Palestinian terrorist group.

Four Israeli civilians have been injured in the attacks, one severely, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

The IDF announced Saturday evening that the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted 28 out of 31 long-range Grad rockets targeting major Israeli cities,including Beer Sheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon.

The attacks began Friday night after Israel Air Force planes targeted and killed Zuhir Mussah Ahmed Kaisi, the secretary general, and another member of the group. The men were responsible for planning a combined terror attack that was to take place via Sinai in the coming days, according to the IDF….READ MORE

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