Israel Brief August 26, 2011: Second Ceasefire Broken, Rocket Lands in Israel



Second Ceasefire Broken, Rocket Lands in Israel

Source: Virtual Jerusalem, 8-26-11

A Grad rocket fired from Gaza landed in open land south of Ashkelon on Friday.gaza rocketf alls in ashkelon

Air raid sirens were heard before the rocket hit. No physical injuries or property damage were reported in the attack.

The attack came after the Islamic Jihad announced a new cease-fire agreement in Gaza early Friday morning. The agreement was reportedly brokered by Egypt and the UN.

The cease-fire announcement, made by Nafaz Azam, was unexpected as on Thursday Islamic Jihad had vowed to extend the range of their rocket capabilities, sending projectiles deeper into Israel. The terror group had said that it would triple the number of Israelis affected by rocket attacks.

At least 17 rockets and mortar shells pounded Israel on Thursday evening, just one day after Wednesday’s barrage of at least 21 such projectiles. On Wednesday a 9-month old baby girl was wounded by shrapnel from a rocket.

Most of the projectiles hit hit open areas near Ashkelon and in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. A mortar shell struck the Erez crossing, which is frequently used by Gaza residents seeking to enter Israel for medical treatments, causing extensive damage.

Shortly after that attack the IAF reported a precise hit on a second terror cell seeking to launch a rocket in the area. Gaza sources said two Islamic Jihad terrorists were killed in the airstrike.

The immediate breaking of Thursday morning’s Islamic Jihad ceasefire is no surprise in light of the mass of rockets that struck Israel immediately following the Hamas-led ceasefire announced on Sunday.


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