Israel Political Brief August 18, 2011: Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu’s Statement in Response to the Terror Attacks in Eilat that Killed 7, and Injured 33



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an official statement on the tragic events that took place on Thursday when terrorists attacked a bus and two cars in Eilat, killing 7 and wounding 33.

The attack was followed by another shooting incident in which fire came from the Egyptian border, attacking IDF troops, leaving one soldier wounded critically, and a number of others injured.

The Prime Minister’s statement:

First I want to send my condolences to the families of the victims of the terror attacks, and the soldiers that fell in the shooting incident in the South. I hurt their hurt. I know that the lives of these families will never return to their prior route.

I also want to send wishes for a quick recovery to the wounded that are in the Israeli hospitals tonight.

We were all witnesses today to [terrorist] forces’ attempt to escalate the level of their attacks when they attacked from the Sinai. If someone thinks Israel will go along with that, they are wrong.

When you attack Israeli citizens we will react immediately and with strength.

This principle was implemented today.The people that hid in Gaza as they gave the order to murder our people are no longer alive. I would like to praise the Shabak (Israel Security Agency) who are responsible for targeting those in Gaza who killed our people in the south.

We must praise the IDF forces, Shabak and the police, the ones who acted quickly in the Sinai and immediately faced and fought the terrorists, preventing further disaster.

If these people think they can hurt our people with no response they will find that they will have to pay a price, a very heavy price.

As the Prime Minister made these statements, more rockets fell near Ashkelon.

In Gaza, Abu Awad Kamel a-Neirab, commander of the Salah a-Din Brigades was killed in an Israeli airstrike around 5:00 PM on Thursday.

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