UN may put forward int’l flotilla probe

Source: Jerusalem Post, 6-17-10

UN  may put forward int'l flotilla probe
Photo by: Moshe Milner

Ban proposes investigation despite establishment of Terkel Committee.

Israel responded coolly Wednesday to indications that despite the establishment of the Terkel Committee to investigate the Gaza flotilla, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was still considering the establishment of an international panel to look into the May 31 IDF raid.

Ban’s office proposed the idea at a closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council on Tuesday, and a spokesperson in his office said the office was currently involved in talks to determine the potential leadership of such a commission.

Editorial: Terkel’s imperative

Both Israel and Turkey would be encouraged to actively participate in the panel, representatives of Ban’s office said Wednesday.

“The secretary-general is in discussions with different parties to see whether an inquiry with credible international involvement can be accepted by all,” the spokesperson said.

A senior Israeli official noted that Ban did not make any recommendation, but that this was only a “proposal.”

“Israel believes that our investigations meet the highest international standards of impartiality, comprehensiveness, transparency and professionalism,” the official said…. READ MORE

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