Israelis Support Netanyahu Charging Hypocrisy on Gaza

Source: Bloomberg, 6-4-10

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unequivocal when he addressed the nation on the night of June 2 about the Gaza ship raid: “Israel faces hypocrisy and a biased rush to judgment.”

His message that Israel was exercising its right to self- defense when naval forces boarded an aid flotilla, an operation that left nine pro-Palestinian activists on one ship dead, resonated with Nechama Perelman, a 23-year-old tax adviser.

“There is no need to apologize,” Perelman said while nursing her baby in the Jerusalem Mall the next day. “The army didn’t set out to kill people. It’s easy to judge from far away, and I don’t believe that anything we do will help us be loved by the world.”

A poll of Israel’s Jewish population by the Maariv daily published on June 2 found 94.4 percent of respondents agreed it was necessary to stop the vessel, and 89.1 percent said Netanyahu shouldn’t resign over the matter. The opposition Kadima party has supported the government on the issue, and Netanyahu’s coalition has shown no signs of strain over the incident.

These Israeli views illustrate the gap between how the Gaza flotilla confrontation is perceived at home and abroad….READ MORE

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